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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Dog Emporium customer service like?

The Dog Emporium provides a the dogs life experience by providing an authentic and honest dog environment. CBD Dog Chews are their specialty. They start with their own natural bake dog treats.

Hemp Oil Versus CBD Oil

Hemp oil is made from the seeds and contain littl or no CBD. CBD oil is made from the flower, leaves, stalk and that is where the CBD comes from.

What does The Dog Emporium do?

The Dog Emporium bakes CBD Chews For Dogs. We want to help you have a better dog through the use of superfoods including CBD Oil.

What is The Dog Emporium?

A great place to come with your dog and sample treats, bathe your dog, and have the special treat for your pups birthday or just because you love them.

Where is The Dog Emporium located?

Just online. You can also look for us at shows and events in South Western PA.

What are the hours for The Dog Emporium?

The Dog Emporium can be contacted 24/7 by email at