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CBD Extraction Methods CO2 Vs. Ethanol

Extraction method of cannabinoids

Does It Matter To The Consumer Which Method Is Used To Extract CBD Oil?

CO2 Extraction Method

CO2 is commonly thought of as a gas. But when it is used in the extraction of cannabinoids it is used in a super critical state. This just means it is both a liquid and a gas. This takes place at -69F and 75 PSI.

CO2 extraction is used in other industries as well. Such as decaffeinating coffee, extracting flavors from hops.

Many claim CO2 is a solvent free extraction method. But in the winterization where unwanted fats and lipids are removed ethanol or anohter solvent is commonly used.

The CO2 extraction method is good for making CBD isolate since it doesn’t pull out water-soluable compounds.

Ethanol Extraction Method for CBD Oil

Ethanol extraction will pull out water and fat-soluble compounds. Another words you are getting more of the good stuff. It’s not being left in the plant.

But what is ethanol? It is a alcohol made from plant fermentation. The FDA considers a generally safe product.

Ehtanol extraction is still used by many of the herbal companies

It is your choice.

We purchase third party tested Full Spectrum CBD Oil that was extracted using ethanol.

IWe like the idea of having more of the good stuff in the oil like polyphenols, flavanoids, aminio acids and more in the product.